My friend recently gifted me an artbook by Puuung when she came back from Taiwan. Puuung is an illustrator from South Korea whose work went viral a while back. Her artwork featuring simple intimate moments between a couple really captured the hearts of the people. Though the drawings were quite simple and stylised, they really capture the warmth of the moment. I really like how she designs the interiors of the couple’s house. There is so much to explore within each drawing.

Inspired by her, I started sketching. Imagining how to furnish a room makes the pain of perspective practice a bit better. The whole process was quite enjoyable. I might start doing more if I don’t get lazy.







I am now on Behance!


Hello everyone! I’m now on behance too! You can check it out here.

It will feature a more curated set of works as compared to my blog.

If you are more interested to see my progress and drafts, you can see them in my instagram account!

More Winnie the Pooh

Ever since my first commission for a Winnie the Pooh wedding card, I’ve been receiving a few requests to do similar Winnie the Pooh designs.

I really need to thank my cousin who requested the very first commission.


Doodle doodle



After the coloured and vector illustrations I’ve done for the children activity books, my client has requested for gray scale illustrations for the age group between 7-10 years old. This time round, the amount of assets required was huge so I went with the doodling style for its… forgiveness in line work.

I didn’t quite like them initially, but after looking at them for a while. I do think all the character I’ve put into the people does make the drawings quite charming despite their technical flaws.





53_boat-queue 52_library-queue



Deer boy

Remember the previous illustrations I did of Fish boy and Woodpecker girl? There was suppose to be 4 in the series but I never got around to completing it. Until I got an email from a local fashion magazine, Catalog, that they wanted to showcase the series and needed 3 samples of the work. So I got hard working.



Meet Deer Boy.



The little showcase in the magazine.


Mom’s birthday

It was my mom’s 60th birthday and it is Chinese tradition (or so I think) to throw a huge party. I quickly whipped out a poster only to have her tell me I’ve depicted her awfully ugly. Well mother, I can’t help with how you look for my eyes only see what is before me.



I personally think it is rather cheekily cute.


Caricatures are really popular commission choices but truthfully I’m not too good with them. The aesthetic exaggerations don’t appeal to me much either. But because they are popular, it’s only a matter of time before I was requested to do one.

I tried doing a few and it was so tough. I read up some tutorials online but they weren’t very helpful. Most tutorial videos are interpretations of what people see and then draw. The process of seeing and understanding is unanswered. It is the most difficult part of the process, if it was that easy many people would be caricaturists now. The exaggerated forms also confuses me as to how to build and balance the facial structure. It turned out to be a challenge. It annoyed me greatly that I couldn’t do it well and reminded me how much more I had to learn.

artflow_201507052328My first attempt. It still looks quite juvenile and stylised. More comic than caricature.
artflow_2015070523281Didn’t know who to draw. So I found some famous people I like to reference. Street caricaturists always have samples of famous people, thought I’ll give it a go too. If you can’t tell, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. A slightly creepier version at least.


Got tired and annoyed at my poor attempts. So I decided to draw something pretty in my usual style. Park Shin Hye my new goddess.


I thought my final attempt turned out not too bad. But resemblance wise, I don’t think it’s as recognisable. It’s Lucy Liu.

There is no right or wrong to how you draw it. If you can capture the resemblance, you are right.

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